How to publish your service

How to publish your service

You have physical skills and you would like to make them available to people who need them in exchange for a good salary, which will also help you with your expenses, it is now possible with Axejob.

Because by publishing your services on Axejob, you benefit from several advantages such as:

✔️ A big visibility on your profile via this platform dedicated to you

✔️ A personalised dashboard for the optimal management of your ads

✔️ Instant messaging between you and your potential clients for better negotiation

✔️ A better management of the follow-up of your ads

✔️ A free database of qualified prospects

To benefit from these advantages and publish your services on Axejob, you just need to create an account on Axejob (valid email address + secure password).

Then you will be able to publish your ad via the ad publication form and to make your ad effective and attractive, you will need :

✔️ Add the most detailed description of you and the service you offer, highlighting your experience, your background, your various achievements as well as your working hours, general timing and flexibility.

✔️ Add several high definition images to better demonstrate your experience and describe your professionalism

✔️ Provide reliable contacts, so you don’t lose clients along the way

Once your service is published on Axejob, be patient and stay constantly connected to the platform and to your email box (to receive our notifications) in order to better monitor your services and check daily the behaviour of the competition.

Do not hesitate to share your experience in the platform with your friends and family, who will also be able to benefit from it, in order to help us in our heavy mission to contribute to reduce the unemployment rate in Africa.

For more information, you can contact us by email at or via the form below: